All-electric, roofless: Bandini Dora 536bhp two-seat super-EV


The Hyper-Stylish Italian Built Bandini Dora & Desert Raid

GFG Style has unveiled the Bandini Dora, a super-EV with no roofless that seems straight out of an 80s arcade racing game with a splash of Italian style.

The open-top Bandini Dora at the Poltu Quatu Classic show in Sardinia, Italy
Concorso Poltu Quatu Classic

though we’re not entirely sure how we missed it What with there being no actual roof.

This, friends, is the Bandini Dora, and it is here to blow your mind and perhaps rearrange your hair into something amusing.

The Bandini’s Dora opens upwards – GFG Style

The chassis is an aluminum space frame, with motors and inverters mounted on the axle.

Unlike a typical car battery the design places two battery boxes in the middle of the car between the two seats, and the rest behind the seat, placing most of the batteries behind the center of the car.

With a 90kWh battery capacity Dora can travel more than 450 km on a single charge, according to GFG Style. In terms of performance, it can accelerate by 100 km in 3.3 seconds while the top speed is limited to 250km/h, which makes sense.

naturally using carbon fiber material. As a barchetta, it has no roof at all. The wall-style feature allows Dora to shake a wrap-around windshield that looks as if it extends to the back of a door as a whole.

Behind the cab, a side-turning rod is presented as an aesthetic element, connecting the two rear wheel arches to form a flat curve. The car doesn’t have a shunt, diffuser, shrapnel or other wind tunnel feature, a cruiser that can be driven from a casino to the beach, rather than a lap-speed predator.

An unusual battery arrangement places much of the weight behind the seats – GFG Style

Inside the car, there is a video game appearance, a U-shaped steering wheel, a “no switch” design concept – using a touch screen instead of a mechanical button or switch.

It is reported that the name Bandini comes from a small Italian sports car company, the company was founded between 1946 and 1992 and in the 1950s and 1960s on the United States circuit has some success.

Resurrected by founder Ilario Bandini’s great-grandson, the name will once again make the name shine in the automotive world. The name Dora commemorates the mother of GFG Style founder Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro.

Source: GFG Style

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