Hyperion XP-1 Is A Hydrogen-Powered Supercar Due Next Month (August)


Do electric supercar companies need to return to the drawing board?

American start-up’s debut model uses Nasa technology to deliver supercar performance

The soon-to-be-revealed car, previewed in a new video, below, is said to be powered by a high-performance, zero-emissions hydrogen-electric powertrain that uses technology originally developed for the US’s space agency.

Californian technology company Hyperion has teased its XP-1 hydrogen-powered supercar in a YouTube video released yesterday.

The Hyperion XP-1 aims to be the first hydrogen fuel cell machine worthy of the “supercar” title – Hyperion

Founded in 2011 by an expert of PhD’s, Hyperion has a goal to revolutionise the transportation industry by offering convenient, high-quality, low-cost hydrogen fuel across the US.

The release of its supercar, scheduled for August 2020, will mark the “First Chapter” of the its journey into the future of clean, renewable hydrogen energy.

Speaking on the launch of its new vehicle, the company said, In a pursuit of bringing space and aeronautical technology to the road, this prototype will utilise an advanced hydrogen-fuelled propulsion system that aims to help usher in a new frontier of automotive technology.

Source: Hyperion Motors

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