Airplane passenger stunned as overhead locker smashes on to their head during flight


Airplane luggage panel falls on passenger during flight

A passenger was reportedly injured after being hit by an overhead luggage panel which fell off during a flight.

The panel detached from the ceiling of an LATAM Airlines flight from Sao Paulo to Frankfurt.

Images show the large plastic panel hanging from the ceiling, lying over two seats of the cabin, the overhead locker door as well as the insulation lining was almost fully detached from the top.

According to reports, one passenger faced some injuries but was not serious.

Thankfully there was no baggage  in the compartment, which could have caused further injury.

Rushing to helps: Flight attendants seated for landed rushed to the aid of passengers during the rocky landing of UA557 in Newark yesterday, after ceiling panels fell from the roof 

It is not known what caused it to fall off with suggestions of turbulence or the overhead lockers being overweight.

Fortunately, the passengers on board are doing well and have been landed normally and safely.

LATAM regretted the incident and stressed that it provided all necessary assistance to passengers.

The aircraft that performed the flight underwent corrective maintenance to operate the next scheduled flights.

LATAM reiterates that this was a one-off incident and does not match the standard of the company’s aircraft.”