Bugatti reveals two special-edition Chiron models


Bugatti Chiron Goes Dark With Noire Special Edition

Created in tribute to the original La Voiture Noire, the two models feature tweaked bodywork and cost £2.56m

Bugatti went black with La Voiture Noire, and now it can’t go back: Bugatti

Last time Bugatti made a black car, it literally called it “the black car.” It did so, however, in French, which as we all know confers a certain unwashed classiness to things, and La Voiture Noire quickly became the most expensive new car ever to be sold, at a horrific US$12.3 million.

“Aha,” said the folks at Bugatti, “it seems that black is the new orange, which used to be the new black. Black is so hot right now. We should make more black cars. How black can we make them for cheap?” And thus was born this limited edition Chiron Noire, a tribute to La Voiture Noire, which itself was a tribute to Bugatti’s own Type 57SC Atlantic, and was based on a Chiron to boot. A tribute to a tribute, then.

In order to realize this Russian doll of self-congratulation, Bugatti did more than just make these things black inside and out. It also painted the brake calipers black, you’ll be glad to know, and wrote “noire” on it in a few different places, and tweaked the grille, and put a bit of aluminum trim around the big, scoopy C line that defines the car’s side profile.

Bugatti Chiron Noir Elegance: there’s a little bit of silver aluminum around the C-curve there to keep you honest: Bugatti

The bodywork is black carbon, finished in either matt or gloss, and the photos you see here are of the “Elegance” version. There will also be a “Sportive,” available in matt carbon only, and Bugatti promises its interior will be “even more dominated by black” than the Elegance. One for the goth kids, then.

The engine is the standard Chiron donk, an 8-liter, 16-cylinder, 1,500 horsepower, 1,600 Nm (1180 lb-ft) monster that should take you from 0-60 mph (0-98 km/h) in a sprightly 2.3 seconds and have a decent amount of grunt for overtaking.

Only 20 Chiron Noires will be built. They will each cost €3 million, which is roughly what a regular Chiron cost when it first came out, and enough to buy 42 high-spec Cybertrucks that would likely get you even more attention at the gas station. It is, however, a mere quarter of the price of La Voiture Noire, so if you’re looking for a bargain, this might be it, and you can spend the difference on feeding the homeless, or building a statue of yourself. Whatever you’re into.

Source: Bugatti.