WATCH: Car follows Emirates A380 during take off


Video: Car follows Emirates A380 on runway as it takes off

Why is this car chasing the humongous A380 while plane takes off?

It is always fascinating to see the magnificent A380 up close. And a new tweet from Emirates will get you equally interested.

In what looks like a ‘catch me if you can’ situation, the glorious Emirates A380 is seen taxing on the runway and a speeding ‘follow me’ car makes a dash. The car is speeding the runway as if it is trying to keep pace with the giant aircraft.

A full video of the interesting take off reveals the speeding car making a sharp bank to the right and making a right turn after the Emirates flight take off — perhaps to take care of another landing or take off.

Following a Gulf News enquiry on the airlines’ recent tweet, a spokesperson for Emirates said, the video was captured by a cargo spotter at the Düsseldorf airport in Germany. 

“What you see here is that our A380 takes-off and then the airport follow me car goes on the runway to carry out a routine inspection. This is an airport ‘follow me’ car. One of its tasks is to frequently check runways / taxiways for debris to enable smooth operations. Airports have such vehicles, used for a variety of functions,” said the Emirates spokesperson.

Image Credit: Twitter

The Emirates spokesperson said the A380 was taking off from Dusseldorf, Germany to Dubai.

“Here, the car is not patrolling the flight per se, it is checking the runway. In some cases, they are used to guide aircraft to their parking positions /gates,” the spokesperson said.

What is a ‘follow me’ vehicle?

According to the Flight Safety Foundation: “The concept for the use of ‘Follow Me’ vehicles varies from airport to airport: ‘Follow Me’ vehicles may be provided as a matter of convenience, or safety, or a combination of both.

“Also, it may be unclear when they should be used – pilots report that, paradoxically, on a ‘complicated’ aerodrome they are not generally provided, yet at other less complicated airfields their use is more commonplace.”

Meanwhile, fans of Emirates took to twitter to comment on the textbook take off.