Terrifying Moment Turbulence sends Stewardess crashing into Ceiling. VIDEO


Violent turbulence sends airline passengers CRASHING INTO CEILING in dramatic VIDEO

Passengers on a Bulgarian airline were torn from their seats by violent in-flight turbulence and sent crashing into the cabin ceiling – and one another – leaving ten with injuries. The terrifying moment was caught on camera.

The flight, headed for Basel, Switzerland from Kosovo’s Pristina, encountered severe turbulence about 30 minutes into its journey, causing a rapid drop in altitude that sent passengers airborne. One unfortunate witness captured the chaos on film.

“I think I was unconscious for a brief moment,” passenger Idriz Brahimj, 51, told Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten. Brahimj, who suffered a concussion in the mayhem, said he only remembers the screams of his fellow commuters as he slammed his head on the ceiling of the aircraft, a Boeing 737-300.

A food cart can also be seen soaring into the air in the video, its contents, including scalding hot tea and coffee, raining back down on the passengers.

Ten of the plane’s 121 passengers sought treatment for their injuries after the incident, some of them for burns. The flight was chartered by ALK Airlines, based in Bulgaria.

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