Honda now taking reservations for Honda e with refundable deposit, five color options revealed

Honda E reservations open – but there’s still bad news
It’s tiny, cute, practical and ready to hit the road in 2020(Credit: Honda)

Honda has thrown open reservations for its adorable Honda E electric city car, though there’s still bad news if you were hoping for some green motoring in the US. Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 back in March, the retro-styled hatchback won over hearts with its cutesy aesthetic, even if its range doesn’t live up to other EVs.

The Honda e’s simple, clean design and charming early Civic-like looks make it tailor-made for city getabout duties(Credit: Honda)

We first saw this thing as the “Urban EV Concept” at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017. Compact, practical, cute and clearly aimed at the European market, it looked a bit like the first Honda Civics from the 70s, and won plenty of admiration with its no-nonsense approach.

Range will be over 125 miles, with 30-minute fast charging to 80 percent available(Credit: Honda)

Now, it’s going to production with a refined design that keeps the basic proportions and clean, smooth lines of the concept. It’ll be a rear-wheel drive, although no power or torque specifications are public yet, and it’s built from the ground up as an urban EV platform.

The “Urban EV” concept first shown in 2017(Credit: Honda)

Honda says it’ll rock a dual touch-screen interface to keep drivers and passengers “engaged with their connected lifestyle,” and says the interior will be spacious, contemporary, comfortable and “lounge-like.”

The company is now taking reservations online at the Honda website, but only in selected markets: Germany, France, Norway and the UK. More than 25,000 “registrations of interest” are already in, securing folks a place in the production queue ahead of the company starting to take orders later this year.

Source: Honda

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