Smart Final Collector’s Edition Says Goodbye To Combustion Engines

Two-tone Final Collector’s Edition says goodbye to gas-powered Smart cars
“For us, the Final Collector’s Edition marks both the end of an era and a new beginning as a significant milestone in the history of Smart,” said Daniel Lescow, head of the Smart brand(Credit: Daimler Smart)

As it prepares to completely shut the book on its gasoline era and switch to electric powertrains, Smart wanted to send its current offerings out in style. Smart has announced the Fortwo Cabrio Final Collector’s Edition, a collaboration with Brabus designed by Konstantin Grcic. Only 21 special-edition cars will be made.

The Final Collector’s Edition, called the #21 series, is meant to be a “contemporary work of art for the road”(Credit: Daimler Smart)

giving a step towards a more sustainable future, german car manufacturer smart is saying goodbye to combustion engines for good. starting in 2020, the company will become the first automotive manufacturer in the world to have switched its entire portfolio to electric drives. and to celebrate this rite of passage, it has teamed up with konstantin grcic for the final 21 combustion-engined smart fortwos, marking the beginning of a new era and 21 years of hands-on pioneering spirit.

for the launch of the final collector’s edition, designboom joined smart and konstantin grcic at the unveiling event in berlin.

Swiss artist Roman Signer created a yellow-to-black rendition of the Smart by simulating paint being dumped on the car as it drove through a tunnel(Credit: Daimler Smart)

limited to 21 cars, smart’s final collector’s edition has been created by brabus and german industrial designer konstantin grcic. the brief asked to create a contemporary work of art for the road while at the same time marking the beginning of a new era in the history of the automobile, and the design surely portrays this. with a painting job that goes from smart’s iconic brilliant yellow into a matte black, the car looks as if a bucket of paint was poured into it — an effect we were told was quite difficult to achieve.

The “21” encapsulates the 21 years of Smart, 21 vehicle models, and the concept of looking forward to a future starting in 2021(Credit: Daimler Smart)

‘well, I think I always try to avoid too much of interpretation into the design, and in the end, you make a lot of choices to create the most beautiful thing,’ grcic, a smart car driver himself, told designboom. ‘but, if you look at the car, the yellow going into black illustrates a form of transition, where the car goes through a certain barrier, passing from one thing to another.’

The yellow and black paint scheme honors the first edition of the Smart car(Credit: Daimler Smart)

known to provide innovative solutions to make life in the city easier and more attractive, smart’s move makes sense not only for the company but for the times we’re living. ‘obviously, you’re talking to a believer, so we are very, very clear that the future of mobility for smaller cars is electric,’ daniel lescow, head of brand and product management at smart told us. ‘that is not just because we’re smart. but that is something that we have been believing since quite a while. you know, we started 2007 already with it and a lot of people actually say maybe we could have done it earlier. but I think now is the right moment. and for the industry, I believe that a small car is really the case to go electric, because you don’t drive long distances. and normally, it’s not the only car you have for many people. so you have often the chance to charge outside.’

The special Final Collector’s Edition Smart cars will leave the factory in August of 2019(Credit: Daimler Smart)
Plates note the artist who designed the final #21 series for the Smart combustion cars(Credit: Daimler Smart)
The interior of the Smart #21 series matches the exterior’s paint scheme(Credit: Daimler Smart)
Yellow on black is the motif with the #21 stitched into the headrests above the mismatched stitching of the upholstery(Credit: Daimler Smart)
“One of 21” marks the Smart #21’s exclusivity as a special model(Credit: Daimler Smart)