Lenovo shows off the world’s first ‘foldable PC’

Lenovo Unveils World’s First Laptop With Foldable Display
A folding OLED touchscreen could make this one of the most flexible devices on the market – in every sense(Credit: Lenovo)

At its Accelerate conference on Monday, Chinese tech company Lenovo unveiled a prototype of what it’s calling “the world’s first foldable PC.”

At Lenovo’s own Accelerate event in Orlando, the company unveiled a prototype machine that makes Samsung’s folding phone look like a kids’ toy. This foldable PC can act like a small-screen laptop, big-screen desktop, book-format tablet or stylus-operated sketchbook.

You’ll need to get two of them if you want to do this.(Credit: Lenovo)

As yet nameless, but due to join the ThinkPad X1 family when it makes a commercial debut, the foldable PC is about the size of two 13-inch laptop screens stuck together, with a seamless flexible OLED touchscreen spanning one entire side and offering a 2K resolution display.

It will run Windows, and folks who’ve seen it up close are saying it runs a 4:3 aspect ratio when folded out, with an alleged all-day battery and USB-C ports on the sides. It’ll ship with its own stylus, and obviously be nice to use in bed or on the sofa like a tablet.

But it’s designed to be a fully fledged PC as well. You can pop a touchscreen keyboard up on the bottom of the screen and use it as a laptop, which will probably be awful for any extended period of time. But you can also pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and either sit it there in laptop format, or flatten it right out and stick it on its little stand to turn it into a small desktop machine. Naturally, it’ll support multi-monitor setups as well.

Clearly, this is a hugely flexible machine in every sense of the word, but without getting our hands on it it’s hard to say whether that ends up being a huge advantage or a confusing jumble of capabilities that don’t mesh together. Pricing, availability and a spec sheet won’t be available until 2020, by which time there may well be several other companies competing in the same space. But hey, you saw this one first, I guess.

Check out a very short video below. Or honestly, don’t. You’ll learn very little and you won’t ever get those 30 seconds back.

Source: Lenovo