Surface Hub 2S advances Microsoft’s vision to empower teams in today’s modern workplace

Microsoft reveals bigger 85-inch Surface Hub 2 model

On April 17th Microsoft had an event at Steelcase in New York to share details on the Surface Hub 2. There will be a Surface Hub 2S 50” and 85” (in 2020) and later a 2X in 2020 (probably late 2020).

Four years after the original Surface Hub arrived, and a year after announcing its successor, Microsoft is now launching the Surface Hub 2S in 50-inch and (eventually) 85-inch versions. The giant, interactive digital whiteboard can be yours for a mere $9k from June.

The 50-inch Surface Hub 2S is the first of the second-gen models to go on sale(Credit: Microsoft)

As with the original models, the capable and imposing all-in-one computer is designed for meeting spaces and open plan offices – viewing documents, making group video calls, running presentations and videos, and so on.

The smallest model is the 50-inch Surface Hub 2S that’s going on sale first, with a US$8,999.99 price tag. There’s an 8th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of SSD storage under the hood, plus that 3,840 x 2,560 pixel screen.

The $9k Surface Hub 2S comes with a dedicated Surface Hub 2 Pen and Surface Hub 2 Camera(Credit: Microsoft)

The display isn’t quite as big overall as the first 55-inch Surface Hub, but the bezels have been slimmed down and the aspect ratio has been changed to 3:2 from the more conventional 16:9 widescreen. This new model is significantly thinner and lighter too.

For those all-important video conference calls between your team members, there are eight integrated microphones, dual speakers and a dedicated subwoofer built right into the elegant chassis.

One of the new Surface Hub 2S accessories is a portable battery pack for using it away from a wall socket(Credit: Microsoft)

Of course it’s been designed to work best with Microsoft software – Windows 10, Office 365, Skype, and the Slack-like Microsoft Teams.

A larger 85-inch version of the Surface Hub 2S is going to be available from next year, Microsoft says, with the more conventional widescreen aspect ratio. It is also promising a Surface Hub 2X in 2020 as well, with improved internal components and extra features like tiling support.

In fact, the Hub 2X will also be available as an upgrade, so Hub 2S owners can swap out their bundled computer cartridge for the more powerful one when the time comes.

The computer part of the Surface Hub 2S is built to be modular, so you can upgrade it at a later stage(Credit: Microsoft)

Completing the product line up will be the Surface Hub 2 (no S or X) later this year – a touchscreen display without an integrated computer. That hopefully clears up the naming and numbering scheme.

Included with the Surface Hub 2S you get a Surface Hub 2 Camera with a 4K resolution to act as a webcam, and a Surface Hub 2 Pen for drawing on the screen. These screens come with a bunch of optional accessories too, like a stand for wheeling the Surface Hub models around, and a wall mount.

There’s even a portable battery pack made especially for the Surface Hub 2, which lets you move your display around for up to two hours on a single charge, while you’re away from a power socket. All these are sold separately and we’re still waiting on pricing details.

The 50-inch Surface Hub 2S goes on sale in June, with a bigger 85-inch version coming next year(Credit: Microsoft)

Even if you never get to use a Surface Hub 2S or 2X or plain old 2 at your own office, it’s another impressive feat of engineering from Microsoft – and more evidence of its commitment to the Surface line of hardware. We should see more Surface laptops and tablets later in the year.

You can see the Surface Hub 2S in action in the video below.

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