LIT Flash – A New Off-Camera Flash for Smartphone Photographers

LIT is a wireless xenon flash for your smartphone
The LIT Flash works with your smartphone to get better lighting for your shots(Credit: LIT)

Those who want to experiment with external light sources in their smartphone photography have a fairly wide range of LED-powered lights to choose from. Things look a lot different though if it is a good old-fashioned xenon flash you are after.

The LIT Flash can be used to trigger your phone’s shutter button and vice versa(Credit: LIT)

The same people who brought us the Lumu light meter are now planning to change this, by launching a crowdfunding project for the LIT smartphone flash on Kickstarter. The LIT is a xenon flash with 40W power output and a built-in 2800 mAh Li-Ion battery that is good for 200 full-power flashes. It is capable of High Speed Sync (HSS) and works with smartphone shutter speeds from a few seconds to 1/10,000 of a second.

The flash communicates wirelesslessly with your device via Bluetooth and up to four flashes can be controlled separately via a dedicated mobile app. You can also trigger the camera shutter remotely by pressing a button on the flash. The unit comes with a 1/4” tripod thread and a bayonet accessory mount. It’s compatible with newer iPhones and Android devices.

The LIT Flash is another gadget to carry around, but it fits in your pocket(Credit: LIT)

“By adopting good mobile app design principles, we will empower people with no previous flash photography experience just as much as more proficient photographers”, says Marko Pirc, LIT Vision co-founder and Head of Product.

The LIT Flash gives you more flexibility when taking photos(Credit: LIT)

If you would like to see what kind of results are possible with a LIT flash you should check out the LIT gallery on Flicker. Pledges on Kickstarter start at $179 and shipping to backers is scheduled for January 2020. The expected MSRP in regular retail is $329. For more information and detailed pricing head over to Kickstarter.

The 40 W power of the LIT Flash is enough to light up buildings(Credit: LIT)
Another area the LIT Flash can help is in balancing out direct sunlight(Credit: LIT)

If you want to help support the development of the LIT Flash, pledges on Kickstarter start at US$179. If all goes to plan, shipping is slated for January 2020, with a full retail price of $329 once the flash goes on general sale.

You can check out the LIT Flash promo video below.

Source: Kickstarter