Genesis Mint Concept at the New York Auto Show

Genesis Mint Concept Is A Tasty Two-Seater Electric City Car
The G-Matrix pattern features inside and out(Credit: Genesis)

Genesis is a luxury automaker, and its current lineup is rich with larger cars — as it should be, considering size imparts feelings of wealth and prosperity. So it was quite the surprise, then, when the company decided to bring a twee electric car to the 2019 New York Auto Show. But, according to Genesis, perhaps it’s not that surprising.

The Genesis Mint Concept features rear butterfly hatches to access the cargo area(Credit: Genesis)

The notion of a “luxury city car” can be a little hard to swallow—remember the ungainly, Toyota iQ-based Aston Martin Cygnet? But Genesis seems to have hit upon some convincing styling language with the Mint Concept. In person, the concept car looks larger than it is, with a wide-set wheelbase and a low, sloping roofline. Standing at the rear of the car, the roofline is well below chest height.

The smooth bodywork and simplistic overall exterior design of the Mint Concept(Credit: Genesis)

The Mint Concept is a true two-door, two-seat small car. Design tricks make it feel roomy: That big, wide dashboard is mounted on a pivot, as is the bench-like seat. Both retract a few inches to make more room for the driver to slide into place when she or he opens the door. Instead of a traditional hatchback, the cargo area is accessed through flip-up side ports. Don’t get thrown off by the pedals, though: That’s not a clutch pedal on the left, it’s merely a stylized footrest.

The Mint Concept’s square steering wheel(Credit: Genesis)

As a design exercise, the Mint provides an interesting challenge: Can big-car style and luxury be successfully translated down to a tiny city runabout? Viewed in person, the concept car seems to argue that such a thing can be achieved. This is no doubt aided by the car’s electric drivetrain, with a skateboard style battery pack allowing most of the car’s footprint to be devoted to passengers and cargo.

Although the car is battery electric, the Genesis Mint Concept has three pedals instead of two. Genesis does not explain why(Credit: Genesis)

Put it this way: If Genesis were to come out with a small, luxurious production car that looked like this, we’d be mightily impressed.

Genesis says that the Mint Concept is made to get about 200 miles (322 km) of range per charge and can use 350-kW fast charging.

Source: Genesis

Genesis says that the Mint Concept is made to get about 200 miles (322 km) of range per charge and can use 350-kW fast charging(Credit: Genesis)
The all-electric Mint Concept from Hyundai’s luxury arm, Genesis(Credit: Genesis)
The Genesis Mint is a two-door, two-seat vehicle meant for getting around the tight confines of a city(Credit: Genesis)