17 Wo​men Passengers Beat up flyer for ‘assaulting’ Woman on Dubai-Delhi Flight

17 women hit man for sexually harassing a woman onboard Dubai-Delhi flight
Image © Robert Pothorcki

A mid-air brawl ensued after a 25-year-old woman aboard SpiceJet flight from Dubai to Delhi raised an alarm alleging sexual harassment. The woman woke passengers up at around 4:40 am and said the man sitting next to her had touched her when she was asleep.

The incident happened on Thursday and took an ugly turn when some women passengers on the flight thrashed the man for allegedly misbehaving. According to reports in TOI, flight SG-012 from Dubai was land in Delhi at 5:20 am but the woman reported harassment at around 4:40 am waking up her father who was sitting on the other side.

That’s when other passengers intervened and thrashed the accused identified as Sharikh Khan. The woman also alleged that Khan hit her and hurled abuses at her when she raised an alarm. When Khan refuted the woman’s claims and also screamed at few women passengers for interfering, a group of over 16 women thrashed him.

This followed a mid-air ruckus and in spite of several announcements by cabin crew, the passengers continued to fight. When the flight landed in Delhi, Central Industrial Security Force arrested Khan and an FIR was registered against him for sexual harassment.