All-New: Lexus LM Officially Revealed As Luxury Minivan 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


Lexus finally got around to adding a third row on its RX in 2017, but over in China it’s gone even bigger.

The Japanese brand on Tuesday launched a minivan called the LM at Auto Shanghai 2019.

The LM like most models in the Lexus lineup is based on a Toyota, in this case the third-generation Alphard minivan sold overseas, and it has the biggest iteration of the brand’s signature spindle grille we’ve seen yet. The thing is huge.

Lexus shows the world what a luxury minivan looks like at Auto Shanghai 2019

Interestingly, Lexus has positioned the LM as a flagship model sitting alongside the brand’s other flagships: the LC coupe, LS sedan, LX SUV and LY yacht. This means there’s plenty of luxury on board, including a 26-inch screen display, a Rolls-Royce-style umbrella storage bin, an available chiller compartment, and the choice of two reclining rear seats that replace the two rows of seats in the standard setup.

The four-seat VIP rear cabin features two recliners, an entertainment system, a refrigerator and a touchscreen controller(Credit: Lexus)

Two powertrain options have been confirmed. The standard setup featured in an LM 350 is a 3.5-liter V-6, while the available setup in an LM 350h is a hybrid with a 2.5-liter inline-4 serving as the internal-combustion component. Front-wheel drive is standard and all-wheel drive is available.

World premiere of the Lexus LM 

There’s little chance the LM will make its way to the United States. The minivan segment here is rather small and dominated by just a few vehicles, which is likely why we also miss out on Mercedes-Benz’s V-Class.

The Lexus spindle grille is already a controversial styling cue, and the massive iteration on the LM should only prove even more controversial(Credit: Lexus)

Instead, Lexus will focus on expanding its crossover and SUV offerings for our market as the vehicles command premiums and enjoy popularity on these shores.

Lexus slides a different style of luxury vehicle into its lineup at Auto Shanghai 2019(Credit: Lexus)

Lexus will offer its luxury MPV 3.5-liter petrol LM 350 and 2.5-liter hybrid LM 250h variants. All-wheel and front-wheel drive options will be available. Unfortunately for Americans and others outside Asia daydreaming about becoming the envy of travel club soccer practice, the LM has been designed strictly for China and select Asian markets. It makes its debut at the 2019 Shanghai auto show.

Source: Lexus

The available four-seater features a divider wall with built-in display(Credit: Lexus)
Lexus gussies up its Toyota Alphard with rich black or white paint and plenty of chrome(Credit: Lexus)
Lexus promises a smooth ride courtesy of the ES-derived suspension(Credit: Lexus)
The LM was developed specifically for Asian markets, where chauffeured vehicles with VIP rear cabins are popular(Credit: Lexus)
Enjoying the ride in the back of the Lexus LM(Credit: Lexus)
The Lexus LM is the style of luxury business van we usually expect from aftermarket upfitters like Brabus(Credit: Lexus)
Lexus premieres the all-new LM MPV(Credit: Lexus)
Lexus premieres the all-new LM MPV(Credit: Lexus)
The LM will come in both 3.5-liter and hybrid models(Credit: Lexus)