Insta360 EVO Announced – Shoot 3D 180 Degree or 360 Video with Foldable Camera

Insta360 EVO is a Folding Camera That Shoots Both 360° and 180° 3D

Insta360 has announced the EVO, a groundbreaking new camera that features a folding design and two cameras. Folded up, the camera can shoot 360° spherical imagery, capturing every angle at once. Unfolded, the camera can shoot 180° 3D content.

In its unfolded form, the EVO’s two wide-angle fisheye lenses can work together to capture 180-megapixel 180° 3D photos and 5.7K 180° 3D video.

The Insta360 Evo shoots 360-degree video when folded up, and 3D video when folded out(Credit: Insta360)

Insta360 is no stranger to the world of 360-degree video cameras, having brought us consumer, prosumer and professional models. Now the company is back with the Evo, which can shoot both 360-degree interactive video and 180-degree 3D.

(Credit: Insta360)
(Credit: Insta360)

The idea behind the Evo is pretty simple. If its two halves are folded out to sit side-by-side, it records 3D 5K/30fps video (or 18-megapixel stills) with a 180-degree field of view. These can be viewed in all their three-dimensional glory without the use of glasses – although a set is included – by placing the optional HoloFrame filter over the screen of an iOS/Android smartphone that’s linked to the camera via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

That phone is also used to remotely control the camera, and to adjust its settings.

A look inside the Insta360 Evo(Credit: Insta360)

Once the two halves are folded back-to-back, though, the Evo switches over to shooting 360-degree video. That video can subsequently be panned and tilted within when viewed on a computer, or it can respond to a user’s head movements when viewed through a VR headset.

(Credit: Insta360)

Both types of video are smoothed out using a 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization system. Other features include the ability to shoot HDR (high dynamic range), time lapse or slow motion, or to switch between manual and automatic exposure. One 90-minute charge of the battery should be good for 65 minutes of run time.

The Evo is available now, with prices starting at US$420.

Source: Insta360