Naked Airline Pilot’s Charges Tossed Out By Judge

Denver judge tosses criminal charges against naked United Airlines pilot who allegedly flashed DIA terminal
Attorney had protested: “It’s not a crime to be naked in Denver, even if you are a man.”

DENVER, CO – Indecency charges were thrown out Friday against a United Airlines pilot who was arrested for allegedly standing naked in a hotel window, the Denver Post reported.

A screenshot of Denver police bodycam footage shows the arrest of United Airlines pilot Andrew Collins on Sept. 20, 2018.

Andrew Collins, 54, of Leesburg, Virginia, was arrested in September after police barged into his room at the Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport. He told police at the time he had been working for 30 hours straight and was about to take a shower when he got a phone call on his cell phone. Collins claimed he had no idea his naked body was visible to complaining passersby in the terminal.

Police accused him of indecent exposure saying in an arrest affidavit that Collins “opened the window to his hotel room which overlooks the hotel plaza and in full view of the public, did stand in his window fully nude, exposing himself and his genitalia to the general public.”

Collins’s attorney told the court that as a result of the arrest he had been suspended from his job and lost the chance to run for president of a pilot’s union.

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