Chinese Supercar Coming To Geneva With 800 HP. Roland Gumpert

800-horsepower electric supercar hopes to usher in the methanol fuel cell age

Hybrid supercar being developed with help from Roland Gumpert.

Roland Gumpert, of Audi Quattro and Apollo fame, has put forth a supercar that solves the problem of limited electric range and slow charging. The 800-horsepower, all wheel drive Nathalie uses a cheaply refuellable methanol fuel cell to charge its batteries as you drive.

(Credit: Roland Gumpert)

The Geneva Motor Show is Europe’s premier automotive expo, but it’s not just European automakers that show their wares there. So too, for example, do a growing array of Chinese automakers aiming to break into the European market. And the latest is AIWAYS.

The Nathalie electric supercar uses a methanol fuel cell as a range extender(Credit: Roland Gumpert)

The Chinese startup is preparing to hit this year’s Geneva show with not one, but two electrified vehicles – not the least of which is a hybrid supercar being developed with input from Roland Gumpert, the man behind the Apollo. Called the RG Nathalie, the vehicle is set to employ an experimental methanol-electric powertrain.

Roland Gumpert’s Nathalie in side profile(Credit: Roland Gumpert)

Instead of burning methanol like American and Brazilian cars sometimes do as a renewable alternative to gasoline, the AIWAYS RG Nathalie will use the vegetable-based fuel more like a hydrogen fuel cell, storing electricity to deploy through four electric motors.

(Credit: Roland Gumpert)

The advanced powertrain is said to develop 793 horsepower – slightly more than the Ferrari 812 Superfast – to accelerate to 60 mpg in under 2.5 seconds, top out at over 190 mph, and travel 745 miles before needing to charge or fuel up. 500 examples are said to be earmarked for production, and we’re sure they’ll be expensive.

Aggressive front stance(Credit: Roland Gumpert)

The Nathalie looks like a very fun car, but unless we’re missing some very key points, we can’t see it ushering in the methanol age any time soon. Check out a couple of videos below, one of the fuel cell technology and the other of the Nathalie having fun around the Nürburgring.

Source: Roland Gumpert

Aerodynamic touches underneath(Credit: Roland Gumpert)
The Nathalie’s sporty interior(Credit: Roland Gumpert)
The Nathalie’s interior and touch screens(Credit: Roland Gumpert)
LED taillights(Credit: Roland Gumpert)
Gumpert hopes the Nathalie will usher in the age of the methanol fuel cell EV. We’re not so sure.(Credit: Roland Gumpert)