New Bugatti for Less Than $34,000, but It Maxes Out at 13 HP

Bugatti revives the small-scale Baby with a $34,000 price tag

The Bugatti Type 35 is an immediately recognizable car that has its place in motorsport history, but some folks might not know that it spawned a successful half-scale children’s “toy.” Now, it’s back, and holy heck is it expensive.

The Baby II can speed at up to 45 km/h (28 mph) in “adult” mode and up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph) in “child” mode(Credit: Bugatti)

All hope is not lost for your Bugatti dreams on a Jetta budget.In a Tesla Model 3-style “covering the spectrum” move (not really), Bugatti now has a car we slobbering commoners can afford—probably with a loan, but still: the Baby II,which makes a vicious 13 horsepowerwithout a limiterand rings up at $33,700,before taxes and delivery,at current exchange rates.

he Bugatti Baby II uses lithium-ion batteries and an electric motor. The batteries are removable so they can be swapped or charged separately from the car(Credit: Bugatti)

“Isn’t the Baby II meant to be a toy for the rich and their children?” you might ask. Stop asking. Those are details. You take what you can get in this life, and in this case, it’s a small, highly impractical 13-HPBugatti.

Bugatti announced the Baby II on Monday,and said ordering is open for the 500 modelsthe company will make to celebrate its 110th anniversary.The Baby II is a modern version of the original Baby, which company founder Ettore Bugattifirst made for his youngest son’sfourth birthdayin 1926.

The original Bugatti Baby (foreground) was a child’s toy. The new Bugatti Baby II (background) is larger and suitable for both children and adults(Credit: Bugatti)

The Baby was a half-scale modelof the Type 35 race car,and ended up going into production from 1927 to 1936,even though it was originally meant to be a one-off car.Only “around 500” ever made, according to Bugatti, hence the production cap on the new one.

The speed limiter can be entirely disengaged to provide a full 10 kW of power potential to the motor through a Speed Key upgrade(Credit: Bugatti)

Bugatti designed the Baby II based on a scanof a Type 35 built for the 1924 French Grand Prix,and it’s at a three-fourths scaleinstead of half so kids and adults can fit—letting “enthusiasts from across generations to share the love of driving and of the classic marque of Bugatti,”the automaker said, because the best way to bond with your kid is over your grossly expensive material objects.

In 1926, Ettore Bugatti made a half-scale Type 35 roadster for his son Roland’s fourth birthday(Credit: Bugatti)

The Baby II has a rear-wheel-drive,battery-electric powertrain,a limited-slip differentialand regenerative braking,along with a few power settings: “child mode”limits it to 1.4 HPand a top speed of 12.4 mph,“adult mode” brings it up to 5.4 HP and 28 mph,and there’s also a “Speed Key” upgrade for a lightning-fast, singe-your-eyebrows setting of 13.4HP and no speed limiter.

Other features of the Baby II include a solid silver Macaron badge on the nose, a limited-edition numbered plaque denoting the Bugatti Baby II’s production number, and a badge commemorating Bugatti’s 110th anniversary(Credit: Bugatti)

All of that pure, unfiltered power can be had along with a leather seat,a “scale recreation” of the four-spoke steering wheel from the Type 35and eight-spoke wheels, headlights,a solid-silver Bugatti emblem,and, for people who order in 2019, a badge for the automaker’s 110th anniversary.

The Bugatti Baby II is styled after the Type 35 roadster, from a precision scan of the original(Credit: Bugatti)

Sure, these 500 Baby II models will almost certainly all go to Bugatti collectors and their children, to park next to the other kid- and full-sized supercars in their three-floor garage, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that, if only for a moment, us normal folk can realistically afford a Bugatti.

Tell your local billionaire they can stick that one in their $3-million Chiron—which also has a speed limiter,making it basically the same thing—and suck it.

Source: Bugatti