The Ricoh GR III and new Compact Cameras Announced

Ricoh’s GRIII street photography compact goes on sale next month for $899
Image resolution gets a bump over the previous GR compact, but battery life takes a serious hit(Credit: Ricoh Imaging)

After showing it off at last year’s Photokina, Ricoh has announced release details for its long-awaited GRIII compact camera. As with the previous two models, it pairs an 18.3mm (28mm-equivalent) f/2.8 lens to an APS-C sensor with the goal of enabling high-quality, discreet street photography. This time around, though, the resolution has been upped to 24 megapixels, the controls have been rethought, and the body has been slimmed down further partly through the removal of the built-in flash.

It’s not a revolutionary upgrade, but the GR series is about austerity and minimalism, and the GRIII’s tweaks should help it stay relevant in a world where everyone already carries 28mm-ish-equivalent prime lenses in their pockets. Ricoh will start selling it for $899.95 from next month; there’ll also be a $249.95 14mm conversion lens (below) available for those who like their street photography at a wider angle.