Dutch-made NXT Rage Electric Motorcycle Unveiled with Carbon Fiber Monocoque and 7-inch display

NXT Motors may not have disclosed the specs of the 2019 Rage electric motorcycle concept but it does have a powerful motto(Credit: NXT Motors)

Dutch startup NXT Motors revealed its plans to launch its first production model, the Rage naked sportbike. Built around an impressive carbon fiber monocoque frame, the concept’s full specs are expected to be finalized in the coming months, once the EU type approval process had been completed.

The 2019 NXT Motors Rage concept is an eye-catching naked electric sportbike with a carbon monocoque frame(Credit: NXT Motors)

dutch start-up NXT motors has unveiled a new electric motorcycle at the motorbeurs utrecht show. marketed as a premium e-bike, the NXT rage is a naked model featuring a carbon fiber monocoque design.

The 2017 prototype that led to the 2019 NXT Motors Rage concept used a steel trellis frame and a different rear suspension setup(Credit: NXT Motors)

NXT motors claims the bike is twice as strong and 25% lighter than similar class bikes. another difference worth noting is the price with the rage tipped to cost around €24,950. other electric motorcycles come with a costlier tag $117,000, like the arc vector which also features an impressive carbon monocoque.

From the front the 2019 NXT Motors Rage concept reveals sleek, minimal lines with straight handlebars and a LED headlight(Credit: NXT Motors)

öhlins suspension provides the bike with high performance handling and ride quality. though also likely contributes to that high price. the NXT rage also features a large 7″ color display that leaves the rest of the handlebars looking clean and open. the bars are mounted low enough to give a sporty ride position while high enough to remain comfortable for longer street riding and commuting.

The Rage is announced as one of the two production models that are based on the 2019 NXT Motors concept bike(Credit: NXT Motors)

‘electric motors offer the opportunity to throw traditional designs overboard, and to go for what is truly groundbreaking‘, explains harm besseling, director and head of technical development. ‘NXT motors wants to offer its customers a motorcycle that uses the maximum of technical possibilities and offers them the ultimate experience. a powerful product, but also the data that an electric motorcycle develops, is the basis for that customer experience. in the pipeline of NXT Motors, alongside the naked bikes launched today, there are also extensions to other segments, including enduro, super sports and touring models.’

Source: NXT Motors

The carbon monocoque frame of the 2019 NXT Motors Rage concept bike houses an electric motor and batteries(Credit: NXT Motors)
Abundant use of carbon fibre on the 2019 NXT Motors Rage concept electric motorcycle(Credit: NXT Motors)