Samsung’s Folding Phone is official, and is joined by the Galaxy S10 Flagships

From folding phones to 5G — here’s everything we saw at Galaxy Unpacked
Galaxy Fold took top billing at today’s Samsung event(Credit: Samsung)

That’s all she wrote, folks. The curtain is up and the stage is being swept clean. Galaxy Unpacked is over again — at least, until Samsung’s next major smartphone needs to be revealed.

7.6-inch screen of the Galaxy Fold can run three apps together(Credit: Samsung)

But if you were watching along, then you know we were treated to a true smorgasbord of technological advances during the show. If you weren’t watching along — well, then you’ve come to the right place. From incredible folding smartphones to the newest flagships to reverse wireless charging a bunch of new wearables, here’s everything we saw at Galaxy Unpacked 2019.

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s first foldable phone(Credit: Samsung)

It kicked off the show and it’s likely to be the biggest takeaway most people had coming out of the event. Samsung’s folding smartphone is here, and it’s a beauty. Named the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s foldable smartphone uses an innovative new hinge system to open and close like a book, seamlessly switching between the outer 4.6-inch screen and the inner 7.3-inch tablet-like screen.

The Galaxy Fold will set you back a hefty $1,980 and up(Credit: Samsung)

But though the folding tech is impressive, the Galaxy Fold dazzles inside, too. It comes with an unnamed 7nm processor, an astounding 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of onboard storage. Two batteries mean a battery capacity of 4,380mAh, and you can be sure the huge screen will be a huge power draw. That huge display can be put to good use and you’ll be able to use three apps in the split-screen mode for the first time. There are three camera lenses on the back, joined by two on the front, and another single lens on the cover, too — making six lenses.

The three Galaxy S10 phones are Samsung’s flagship devices for 2019(Credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will come in LTE and 5G versions and it will launch on April 26. But it’ll cost you to get a hold of this tech; the price starts at a stunningly high $1,980.

Samsung Galaxy S10e features a 5.8-inch screen and a dual-lens rear camera(Credit: Samsung)

This one was no surprise. Samsung’s offices have been like a leaky sieve for the last six months, so by the time it arrived on stage, we knew exactly what we were going to see. But all three models in the S10 range — the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus — all still took our breath away.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has a 6.1-inch screen and a triple-lens rear camera(Credit: Samsung)

The new Infinity-O displays are absolutely the star of the show for the S10 range. Using a laser-cutting method, Samsung carefully sliced a hole out of its AMOLED displays, making a peephole for the selfie camera — or the two on the front of the S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus ups the screen size to 6.4 inches and adds a dual-lens front-facing camera(Credit: Samsung)

They’re not all style and no substance, though. All three models in the range — from the huge S10 Plus to the cheaper, smaller S10, are powered by the powerful new Snapdragon 855, promising next-gen levels of power. The cameras have been revamped, and the S10 and S10 Plus both sport triple-lens camera suites with a wide-angle, telephoto zoom, and variable aperture lenses. The S10e only has two rear lenses, but with the variable aperture main lens and a wide-angle lens, it should still take some impressive photos. All three phones can even charge another device wirelessly, thanks to PowerShare.

The Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 phones go on sale on March 8(Credit: Samsung)

The displays use Samsung’s impressive new Dynamic AMOLED screen tech, but the really impressive stuff lies below. Samsung incorporated in-display fingerprint scanners on the S10 and S10 Plus — but these are a little bit special, too. They’re ultrasonic — the first in smartphone tech — and they provide an extra layer of strong security not possible with regular fingerprint scanners.

All three phones are up for pre-order on February 21 and will ship on March 8. If you pre-order a Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus from now until March 7, you’ll get Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds for free (they cost $120 separately).

Source: Samsung