Superyacht Project 229-Meter Valkyrie – the Largest Private Vessel in the World


Korean designer Chulhun Park and luxury yacht builder Palmer Johnson has announced their plans about new 229-meter superyacht concept Valkyrie, but no contract signed yet and it is unknown if she will be built or not. This mega yacht will be the largest private vessel ever build, with an approximate cost of $800 milliom. Just imagine : she stretches on the length of more than two football fields, boasting her own casino and art gallery.

If built, the 229-meter (751-ft) Valkyrie would become the largest yacht in the world(Credit: Chulhun Park)

Valkyrie will be 49 meter longer than the current leader of the largest yachts – 180m Azzam, owned by Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan – the President of the UAE. Accommodation on board of Valkyrie will be for 52 guests, with 92 crew members. One deck will be exclusively used by the owner. Valkyrie will speed up to 25 knots. 

Valkyrie megayacht was inspired by the deconstructivist architectural movement(Credit: Chulhun Park)

Chulhun Park who along with the designers from Palmer Johnson created this project, worked 8 months on Valkyrie, as his university project.  She will be built from aluminium and specially made carbon-fibre structure.

If built, the 229-meter (751-ft) Valkyrie would become the largest yacht in the world(Credit: Chulhun Park)

Mr. Park said : “Valkyrie project was my thesis project supported by Palmer Johnson at Royal College of Art in London. I tried to manipulate the structure’s surface skin and create non-rectilinear shapes which appear to distort and dislocate elements of shape. When I decided to be a yacht designer, I realized that most yachts are white coloured and stacked up like wedding cakes. Therefore, I was determined to design a very unique looking yacht which would stand out of the fleet. My main goal of designing Valkyrie project was to build a floating entertainment hub, a 229m-long yacht which the public could come onto and enjoy the benefits.”

Valkyrie was designed to serve as public space for the masses rather than a personal playground for billionaires(Credit: Chulhun Park)

He added : “Most people consider superyachts to be an exclusive property for billionaires to show off their wealth. However, what if we create floating architecture to be used by everyone. I put a huge amount of open space on the yacht, including a casino, theatre, ocean mall, restaurants and exhibition halls, all to satisfy visitors’ needs and create a profit. To create Valkyrie it would cost around $800 million. I have had a few interesting offers, but no contracts have been sighed yet”.

Sketches of the Valkyrie superyacht(Credit: Chulhun Park)
Sketches of the Valkyrie superyacht(Credit: Chulhun Park)
The Valkyrie began life as a thesis project while Chulhun Park studied vehicle design at Royal College London(Credit: Chulhun Park)

On whether the Valkyrie is likely to be built, Park says only that there “has been genuine interest” in it.

Source: Chulhun Design