The Motorola introduces four Moto G7 models for Android fans on a budget


The new Moto G7 is the best-looking Motorola phone yet, and it comes at a budget price. It’s poised to replace the Moto G6 at the top of our best cheap phone list.

The Motorola is aiming for the budget end of the Android market again with the Moto G7 series(Credit: Motorola)

Motorola has carved out its own niche in the Android phone market – decent specs for very decent prices – and it’s back in that same groove for 2019 with the Moto G7 line-up. Four phones make up the range: the G7, the G7 Play, the G7 Plus, and the G7 Power.

Moto G7 brings mid-range specs and mid-range looks for $299(Credit: Motorola)

They all aim to bring you the best value for money possible for your next Android purchase, but there are differences. Let’s start with the standard Moto G7, offering a 6.2-inch, 2,270 x 1,080 pixel LCD display, the mid-range Snapdragon 632 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (expandable via memory card).

With a smaller, teardrop-style notch it’s perhaps the best-looking of the bunch, and around the back there’s a 12 MP + 5 MP dual-lens camera. It’ll fill up with 9 hours of power in just 15 minutes, and on a full charge you get “all day battery life,” in the words of Motorola.

Moto G7 Play is less powerful than the standard G7 and  cheaper at $199(Credit: Motorola)

Like last year, the Play model is the cheapest pick of the lot. The Moto G7 Play brings with it a smaller 5.7-inch, 1,512 x 720 pixel LCD display, the same Snapdragon 632 processor as the G7, and just 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage (expandable via memory card).

On camera duty there’s a single-lens 13 MP snapper around the back of the phone, and Motorola says you can get a whopping 40 hours of battery life from a single charge. With a bigger notch, thicker bezels and inferior specs, this is aimed squarely at those who want to save as much money as possible.

Moto G7 Plus is the top of the G7 range, but isn’t due to hit the US(Credit: Motorola)

Moving up the Moto G7 ladder, the Moto G7 Plus focuses on the rear camera. It’s a 16 MP + 5 MP dual-lens affair, with optical image stabilization, and that should mean better photos than the other G7 models can offer. This time you get 12 hours of use from 15 minutes charging, and again Motorola says the battery will go “all day” on a full charge.

You get the same 6.2-inch, 2,270 x 1,080 pixel LCD display as you do on the standard G7, plus the same 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (expandable via memory card), but the processor gets a slight bump to the Snapdragon 636. It’s the top-end Moto G7 model, and has a smaller teardrop notch like the standard G7.

If you’re not lost in a mass of specs yet, finally we have the Moto G7 Power, which concentrates on battery life – it comes with a huge 5,000 mAh battery that Motorola is promising can last for 60 hours. You could take it on a weekend camping trip and not worry about charging up.

For $249, the Moto G7 Power will give you 60 hours of battery life(Credit: Motorola)

Otherwise the Moto G7 Power has a Snapdragon 632 processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage (expandable via memory card), and a single-lens 12 MP camera around the back. The screen is a 6.2-inch, 1,570 x 720 pixel LCD display, so apart from the battery it matches a lot of the specs of the Moto G7 Play.

All these phones run the latest Android 9 Pie out of the box, and come with water-repellent coating that should keep splashes away but probably won’t save you if you drop your phone in a pond. This being the budget end of the market, there’s no wireless charging, but there are 3.5 mm headphone jacks on all the models.

If all those specs have left you scratching your head, the prices might help: the standard G7 can be yours for US$299, the G7 Play retails for $199, and the G7 Power will set you back $249. The G7 Plus isn’t due to hit the US but will cost €299.99 (around $340).

Motorola phones are usually on our list of recommendations when we’re asked about the best budget handsets that Android can offer, and 2019 looks like being no different. As yet we don’t have exact worldwide launch dates for the G7 range, but they’re coming to the US within the month.

Source: Motorola