RC Airbus A400M Scale Model Airplane that can Drop R/C Paratrooper


RC Airbus A400M Scale Model Airplane that can Drop R/C  Paratrooper from the ramp

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These guys built something special. Not only this is a huge RC Airbus A400M Scale Model Airplane, but they also added something else that we’ve never seen before.

They can open up the ramp mid-flight and drop paratroopers.

Yes, they’re toy soldiers, but tell us that you don’t remember having one of those paratroopers that you threw up in the air after folding their plastic parachutes.

Here is the Specification of RC Airbus A400M Scale Model Airplane

  • A400M built by Hannes Heppe
  • Build time: 6 years
  • Weight:92.5 pounds
  • Wingspan: 13.5 feet

Enjoy Video of R/C PARACHUTE JUMPER out the A400M, RC MILITARY AIRBUS A400M Scale Modell Airplane

Here is another video of AIRBUS A400M GIGANTIC RC SCALE AIRLINER MODEL FLIGHT DEMO / Airliner Meeting Airshow 2015

Airbus A400M Atlas at ESSA


  • Model: Airbus A400M RC Electric Model
  • Pilot: Hannes Heppe
  • Wingspan: 3,78m
  • Length: 3,87m
  • Weight: 38Kg
  • Meeting: Airliner Meeting in Oppingen Germany July 2015

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