Brawl Erupts on Australia to Singapore Flight

Brawl erupts on Australia to Singapore flight 1/22/2019

Passengers and crew are seen attempting to restrain another passenger as fists fly and people look on aghast as a mid-flight fight unfolds.

EDIT: watch until the end. He strips and goes for a run before being tackled down.After our flight was announced delayed, this guy started drinking heavy. About 20 minutes into the flight he started becoming aggressive and had to be restrained after all of this kicked off. 2 hours into the flight from Gold Coast to Singapore and they turn around and head for Sydney ?Props to the guys at the end who took him down.Photo in comments.(Some footage sucked – didn’t want to provoke him if he saw a camera)

Posted by Rico David Garilli on Sunday, January 20, 2019

According to the man who took the video, the man started to drink heavily after it was announced that their flight was delayed.

Scoot noted that the passenger appeared normal during boarding and take-off, but he started disturbing passengers around him once the plane was in the air. The passengers were moved to other seats, and the crew was instructed not to sell alcohol to him. Soon after, he punched a fellow passenger.

The man was eventually subdued with two restraining kits, and it took five passengers to help restrain the man. Brisbane Times reported that the man was met by the Australian Federal Police and paramedics upon arrival at Sydney Airport.

As for the affected passengers, they were placed on alternative flights to Singapore. The Straits Times confirmed that they were placed on a Scoot flight and two Singapore Airlines flights.

One passenger on the flight was particularly aggrieved at the way Scoot employees handled the situation and took to Twitter to complain.