Confirmed: here is Turkish Airlines’ new business class seat


Turkish Airlines has pulled back the covers on its new business class seat, and here it is.

The airline has confirmed its choice of the Aurora seat from Stelia Aerospace – based on Singapore Airlines’ new regional business class – for its forthcoming Boeing 787 and  Airbus A350 jets, with the first Dreamliners due mid-2019. (Turkish Airlines has 25 each of the Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350-900 on order.)

Stelia is touting its slice of Turkish delight as “full flat, full access, full privacy”: a trio of traveller-friendly traits, delivered in a  modern 1-2-1 layout.

This includes a 44″ seat pitch, an 18″ HD video display, plenty of space in the ‘generous footwell’ cubby and a privacy screen between the paired middle seats.

Turkish Airlines’ Boeing 787 will take wing in mid-2019

“The interior trimmings of each seat have also been given a touch of luxury with Alcantara padding, a material used to fit the interiors of sports cars,” Stelia says.

“This bespoke Business Class seat has been developed for Turkish Airlines as their best in class seat, in order to enhance passenger comfort for long haul” remarked Stelia Aerospace exec Thierry Kanengieser.

However, Turkish Airlines says the impressive new seats won’t be refitted to its current Airbus A330, A340 or Boeing 777 jets.

“We do not have any plan on the implementation of this new design for our existing aircraft, but so far we have a different retrofit project for the existing widebodies,” Turkish Airlines’ Chief Marketing Officer Ahmet Olmuştur told Australian Business Traveller.

Singapore Airlines’ mostly-identical regional business class provides more detail of what business class flyers will see on Turkish Airlines’ latest jets.

This will include an alternating layout in which some window seats see passengers sitting directly next to the window and away from the aisle, as shown below…

while others will swap this around and position the passenger at the aisle, with a shelf between them and the window.

Likewise, paired middle seats will either be next to one another or further apart, in what some industry wags term a ‘honeymoon and divorce’ configuration.

In either case there’s a screen between the middle seats which can be raised for privacy or lowered for sociability.