Passenger shocked to find bird in business class flight


The bird was found around 12 hours into the Singapore Airlines flight to London.

A stowaway myna flew business class of Singapore Airlines flight to London and made a surprise appearance when the plane was two hours away from landing at Heathrow.

The myna, a bird of the starling family, is common in Southern Asia and is said to have entered the plane in Singapore and remained hidden in an overhead bin or some other dark quiet place on the plane, according to Singapore Airlines.

The bird was filmed by an unnamed passenger around 12 hours after the plane took-off and is seen perched on one of the business class seat, reported 

In the footage, the myna is seen looking around while atop the headrest of a seat as none of the passengers seemed disturbed by its presence. However, it flies off when a cabin crew member tries to grab it.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook by the passenger who filmed it and since has been viewed over 30,000 times. It is believed the myna stayed hidden until the high altitudes and lower cabin pressure forced it to make an appearance.

The myna was successfully captured in London after the plane had landed and according to local media it was handed over to the airport authorities to be put in quarantine.