IAF Sukhoi Su-30MKI vs RAF Euro-fighter Typhoon


IAF Sukhoi Su-30MKI vs RAF Euro-fighter Typhoon. Su-30MKI outsmarted Euro-fighter Typhoon by 12-0 in the Visual Range (WVR) dogfight

In the international air combat exercises featuring the Indian Air Force’ (IAF) Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighters and British Royal Air Force Typhoon jets, the Su-30MKI outsmarted the Eurofighter Typhoon 12-0 in the Within Visual Range (WVR) dogfighting operations.

  • Su-30 MKI is known for its unique agility even present most advance plane like F-22 cannot match its agility.
    How can mki be almost the same as Eurofighter in maneuverability with all those thrust vectoring systems which lacks in Eurofighter
  • Su 30 is much more maneuverable than Eurofighter and as above mentioned Su30 has vectored thrust along with canards. thus in dogfight Su 30 is superior.
  • Russians were always building their fighter jets super maneuver with more advanced technology than others and even exporting them. Why should countries of the third world have to buy Eurofighter Typhoon when 5 Su-30MKI can come at the price of 2 typhoons.
  • The Sukhoi MKI has vectored thrust along with canards and is among the most maneuverable aircraft of the world with a sustained turn rate of almost 20-25 degrees compared with the raptors 28-32 degrees. While the value of Eurofighter id over 35…

If the Su-30MKI has a tactical advantage over the Typhoon, the same advantage should extend over the Rafale as well, both of which are more expensive than the Russian origin aircraft.

Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale can be closely compared. Both the fighters have nearly identical size, power, and performance.

Both are twin-engined Eurocanards. Both aircraft are capable of carrying advanced Electronic warfare suites equipped with jammers and decoys. Both can deliver ALCMs like storm shadow, AASM or Taurus KEPD 350. Both have roughly the same IR and radar signature. Both are equipped with AESA radars and IRSTs. Both have roughly the same speed and are capable of mounting ramjet powered MBDA Meteor.

The Sukhoi-30 MKI mounts a Vympel R-77M BVR AAM missile and aNIIP NO11M Bars (Panther) integrated radar sighting system. The Russian origin plane is capable of performing all tactical tasks of the Su-24 Fencer deep interdiction tactical bomber and the Su-27 Flanker A/B/C air superiority fighter while having around twice the combat range and at least 2.5 times the combat effectiveness.

The Su-30MKI is powered by the Al-31FP (P for povorotnoye meaning “movable”) engine. The Su-30MKI has a large range of 3,000 km without refueling which allows for autonomous operations that require high endurance.