LATAM airlines: Priestmangoode reveals new business and economy cabins


Press Release: LATAM Airlines Group reveals new cabin interiors

LATAM Airlines Group has unveiled the new seating which will be retrofitted to over 200 existing aircraft, as well as featuring on new B787 and A350s.

The group has opted for the Thompson Vantage XL business class seat, which offers direct aisle access for all passengers.

set to be introduced to over 200 aircrafts over the next two years, priestmangoode has revealed the new cabin interiors – business and economy – for LATAM airlines. the latest development in the pair’s long-standing collaboration is part of the south american carrier’s vision to offer passengers a travel experience with more options, flexibility and personalization.

PriestmanGoode LATAM business class cabin. Image: PriestmanGoode/LATAM

for priestmangoode, the task of developing a color and materials palette for LATAM’s new cabins proved most complex. daniel sohi, project head explains, ‘it was important to us to imbue the aircraft with a sense of place, but LATAM airlines group encompasses a lot of different countries and therefore different visual identities. we decided to look through commonalities in landscape as the key element that draws everything together, with the design language of the business class cabin drawing inspiration from and reflecting iconic architecture seen throughout south america‘.

images courtesy of priestmangoode

the modern design of the business cabins aim to offer sky-high comfort, privacy and a new service to ensure passengers arrive at their destinations well-rested. the interiors are complete contemporary environments with luxurious materials and finishes, such as soothing tan and grey tones – even the cocktail tables features a marble-effect granite that visually references the andes mountains as seen from above. the seating options are suitable for both individuals and couples, extending into a full-flat bed and all equipped with an 18” personal screen, ample storage space and an optional privacy screen.

images courtesy of priestmangoode

LATAM airlines’ new economy cabins offer greater comfort than ever before. the interiors are colored in a more playful palette of materials to enhance relaxation and enjoyment. LATAM+ economy cabin seats feature trim and finishes that are inspired by the south american coastline whilst economy seats reference the beach sunsets and warmth of the local people.

images courtesy of priestmangoode

Features of the Business Class cabin include:

  • Customized Thompson seats with direct aisle access for every passenger
  • Seating options for both individuals and couples travelling together
  • A full-flat bed
  • Up to 18” personal screen
  • Ample storage space for personal items
  • Granite cocktail table
  • Reading light
  • Wash lighting around seat architecture
  • Optional privacy screen
  • Do not disturb sign

images courtesy of priestmangoode

PriestmanGoode LATAM economy class. Image: PriestmanGoode/LATAM

images courtesy of priestmangoode

images courtesy of priestmangoode

PriestmanGoode LATAM+ seats. Image: PriestmanGoode/LATAM

designer: priestmangoode

client: LATAM