Samsung all set to unveil new monitors for gamers at CES 2019


Samsung took the wraps off a trio of new monitors on Thursday, January 3. Featuring modern and minimalist designs, its 2019 monitor lineup includes a space-saving display, an updated high-resolution, super ultra-wide gaming monitor, as well as a curved 32-inch monitor for content creators.

Samsung’s CRG9 is an ultra-wide curved gaming monitor(Credit: Samsung)

Ahead of CES next week, Samsung has revealed three new 2019 monitors it will be showing off at the expo. Leading the line-up is the Space Monitor, designed to take up as little room as possible, along with an ultra-wide gaming monitor and a 4K curved display aimed at content creators.

Samsung’s CRG9 has a 32:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 5,120 x 1,440(Credit: Samsung)

Monitors generally command a lot of space on a desk, but the Space Monitor tries to be a bit more accommodating. It sits on the end of a moveable arm, the base of which clamps to the edge of a desk, allowing it to be pulled towards the user for a closer look or pushed back to sit flush against the wall, out of the way. The power and input cables are also built into the inside of the arm, so they aren’t dragging across the desk every time you reposition it.

Samsung’s Space Monitor is set on a moveable arm that allows the monitor to be angled as needed(Credit: Samsung)

Besides the flexible arm, the display itself sounds pretty decent. The Space Monitor will come in two models, one measuring 27 inches with a QHD resolution, and the other a 32-in, 4K display.

Samsung’s Space Monitor is designed to take up as little room on a desk as possible(Credit: Samsung)

The second new monitor is the CRG9, a curved gaming-focused 49-in QLED display in an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 32:9. It has the unusual resolution of 5,120 x 1,440, which Samsung says is the equivalent of sticking two 27-in QHD 16:9 monitors side-by-side. That means the CRG9 crams more pixels into the horizontal plane than last year’s ultra-wide model, which only managed 3,840 pixels.

Samsung’s Space Monitor can be moved back to sit flush against a wall(Credit: Samsung)

To make the most of that screen real estate, the CRG9 has a Picture-by-Picture mode that allows images from two input sources to be displayed at once. Those inputs include one HDMI port, two Display Ports, and USB 3.

The base of Samsung’s Space Monitor clamps onto the edge of the desk(Credit: Samsung)

The CRG9 has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a zippy 4 ms response time, although both of those figures are slightly down from its ultra-wide predecessor. The CRG9 can display in HDR10 with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits, which should let it show images with high detail and contrast.

Samsung’s UR59C is more business-focused, designed for content creators(Credit: Samsung)

The third and final display, the UR59C, is a little more business-focused. The 32-in screen has a full 4K resolution and curve of 1500R, which is deeper than the 1800R curve on the CRG9. It’s built to have a smaller profile on the desk, with small legs that hide cables inside the base and tiny bezels around the top and sides of the display.

Samsung’s UR59C is a 32-in curved monitor with full 4K resolution(Credit: Samsung)

Samsung hasn’t released any price or availability details just yet, but these will likely come out next week when the company shows off the screens at CES in Las Vegas.

Samsung’s CRG9 monitor has a Picture-by-Picture mode to display images from two video sources at once(Credit: Samsung)

Source: Samsung