Incredible Low Flying Aircraft Compilation 2018


Enjoy the thrill of watching masses of metal passing right over your head, and literally get “blown away” by the insane jetblasts, while the pilots increase the throttles to full thrust!

It’s a compilation video of low flying aircraft, commercial plane and military planes. Don’t forget to like and Comment. The video clips contains low flying plane, low flying military planes, low flying jet planes, commercial planes, and other extreme low flying planes. Hope you like it.

Skiathos, the Second St Maarten! Low Landings and Jetblasts – A Plane Spotting Movie

Few people with an interest in aviation will not have heard of the island of St Maarten, famous for its spectacular airport, Princess Juliana, where aircraft pass over Maho beach at head-height. The airport of the Greek island of Skiathos offers identical approaches and can be described as “The Second St Maarten”!