McLaren Reveals Custom P1 GTR in Historic Senna MP4/4 F1 Livery

McLaren commemorated the 30th anniversary of Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna’s first championship with a P1 GTR wearing the same livery as that of the car that carried him there: the MP4/4.

With engine and aerodynamics upgrades, as well as a Marlboro-red paint job, this P1 GTR celebrates 30 years since Senna’s first GP championship(Credit: McLaren)

It’s been 30 years now since Ayrton Senna won his first Formula One world championship, and that’s all the excuse McLaren needs to foist another tarted-up P1 GTR onto its teetering pile of special editions.

Christened “Beco” – Senna’s family nickname – this P1 GTR has been commissioned by a huge Senna fan and McLaren collector, who worked with the McLaren Special Operations group to specify and oversee the project.

The rear wing has been modified with a gurney flap, larger end plates and some mini-wings beneath the main surface(Credit: McLaren)

The car gets a “unique” combustion engine specification and some gold heat shielding around the engine bay. Apparently in conjunction with the standard P1 electric powertrain, it delivers a “suitably pleasing” bump in power from the standard P1 GTR’s 903 hp.

Modifications concentrated on the engine, the aeros and the appearance(Credit: McLaren)

The new owner certainly likes sticking to the ground. His external modifications required a “full aerodyamic programme,” including new front dive planes, a wider front splitter, and allegedly some new bargeboards along the sides. The rear wing also got itself an overhaul, with a gurney flap lip, bigger endplates and a pair of secondary mini-wings popping up beneath the main one. Apparently it’s capable of giving you up to 800 kg (1,764 lb) of downforce at high speed on the track.

Built for a huge Senna fan, this P1 GTR received a “suitably pleasing” boost in power(Credit: McLaren)

The paint job mirrors Senna’s Marlboro-branded racecars of the day, the interior is schmicked up with plenty of Alcantara in matching colors, and the car is festooned with Senna logos and quotes.

The car is festooned with Senna quotes …(Credit: McLaren)

It would be quite a touching tribute to the man, if McLaren hadn’t literally built a whole car model and named it after the guy already. Hero Senna may be, but this horse has been flogged within an inch of its life. Still, big money people will do big money things, and both McLaren and the new owner seem proud as punch. So let’s wish them a Merry Christmas.

Source: McLaren

and logos(Credit: McLaren)

Adding significant downforce required a full aerodynamics program(Credit: McLaren)

The P1’s steering wheel looks like a playstation accessory(Credit: McLaren)