Suicide Doors: make a comeback on 80th anniversary edition Lincoln Continental

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Once deemed dangerous, suicide doors are making a comeback on the Lincoln Continental.

2019 80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental: bang shoulders with the driver as you both get out together(Credit: Lincoln)

Shy of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, we haven’t seen a whole lot in the way of forward-opening doors in recent times. But they’re still the nicest way to enter and exit a back seat, and Lincoln has tricked up a limited-edition Continental with them.

Suicide doors were a signature element of Lincoln luxury cars of the 1960s(Credit: Lincoln)

Continental would prefer we called them “coach doors,” but since the 60s – the era when Lincoln first rolled them out on their luxury saloons and convertibles, folk have been calling them suicide doors. Why? Well, if you get sideswiped while getting out of a roadside door and it’s a regular door, you might lose a door and some arm. If you get sideswiped while you’re getting out of a coach door, that door’s closing on whatever bits of you are poking out.

Such things don’t happen all that often, though, and it’s definitely nicer to hop in and step out of a back seat through a forward opening door than a rearward one, so they should add a nice elegant feeling for folk being driven in the new Limited Edition 80th Anniversary Continental.

Stepping forward out of a forward-opening door is a much nicer way to exit a car than through regular doors(Credit: Lincoln)

The car has been extended six inches in the wheelbase to accommodate those doors and make the back row a first class space, including its own armrest and center console, complete with climate and music controls.

The back seats get their own center console (Credit: Lincoln)

The interior is all leather, and looks lovely. And it should be a decent car to drive, too, with a 400-horsepower, 3-liter twin turbo V6 engine delivering 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft (542 Nm) of torque.

Only 80 will be made for 2019, with the possibility of more in 2020, and Lincoln is open for orders now. No pricing has been announced.

Source: Lincoln

The whole car looks oddly hollow with all the doors open, doesn’t it?(Credit: Lincoln)

A very welcoming back seat(Credit: Lincoln)

Extra-wide coach doors add a touch of elegance to the 80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental(Credit: Lincoln)

Music and climate controls for back seat passengers(Credit: Lincoln)

Limited edition nameplate(Credit: Lincoln)

2019 80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental: 400-horsepower twin turbo V6 engine(Credit: Lincoln)

2019 80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental: forward-opening rear “suicide” doors(Credit: Lincoln)

2019 80th Anniversary Lincoln Continental: a luxury throwback to the Continentals of the 60s(Credit: Lincoln)