Extreme winds force two passengers jets to abort their landings


EXTREME ABORTED LANDINGS, GO AROUNDS & CROSSWIND – Storm Deirdre Manchester Airport 15/12/18

Your hair will stand on end.

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OH MY GOSH! Extreme winds forced at least two passenger jets to abort their landings at Manchester, England's airport over the weekend.FULL STORY: https://bit.ly/2BrrFCQ

Posted by KHQ Local News on Monday, December 17, 2018

The latest storm to hit the UK and Ireland. Deirdre, arrived on the morning of the 15th and is set to last well into the 16th.

For the most part bringing freezing rain, temperatures very close to 0 and very gusty winds.

I was positioned on the T3 Car Park this morning to capture some of the action in the Storm and I was not disappointed, winds were out of the south east, a direct crosswind for MAN & gusting over 30 knots, making for some bumpy approaches.

Some great piloting in this video!Two go arounds in this video, definitely two of my best this year.

The first was TAP A320 CS-TNH from Lisbon, the aircraft rolled side to side over the runway, touching down twice before the pilots applied TOGA and climbed away, encountering more harsh gusts as they did.

The next aircraft to make an approach, Austrian A321 OE-LBB from Vienna, got as far as 50 feet over the runway before the pilots opted to abort due to being unstable, both aircraft made it down safely second time aroundHope you enjoy this Storm Comp, a full compilation from today will be out shortly!Thanks for watching!