Curtiss eyes production for mighty Zeus with Cafe and Bobber variants

The Curtiss Motorcycles Zeus will go into production in 2020(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

Custom V-twin motorcycle maker Confederate Motors announced in 2017 that it was riding into the future on electric bikes only, and made good on that promise with the wild Zeus prototype in May of this year. This was followed by a stretched out hot rod named Hera in August. Though production of any Curtiss Motorcycles electric monster isn’t due to start until 2020, the company has refined its original Zeus vision with Cafe and Bobber configurations.

Milan’s EICMA motorcycle show opens its doors this week, with manufacturers large and small showing off the latest in motorcycle development, all of the shiny new and upcoming models and all of the accessories you’ll need to enjoy your next ride. Announcements are starting to fly into press inboxes around the globe, and one of the first is from Curtiss Motorcycles.

We are excited to showcase what we believe is the best technology in the industry,” said Paul Ogilvie from the firm’s new Advanced Powertrain Division. “By utilizing cutting-edge energy storage systems to balance power and range, we aim to deliver a range of 280 miles (450 km), 145 foot-pounds of torque, and a 0 to 60 time of 2.1 seconds, all with a 140 kW motor.

The Zeus Bobber from Curtiss Motorcycles is both familiar and uniquely futuristic(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

That’s right – a standstill to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) time that’s certain to test any rider’s ability to keep their hands firmly wrapped around the grips and bum on seat. The company’s Design Director Jordan Cornille has revealed that this is thanks to new battery, motor and control system technologies.

Our original Zeus concept prototype featured obsolete battery and motor technology that was as graceful as a cinder block,” he quipped. “This made it difficult for our team to engineer the machine we all aspired to create.

Again slated for production in 2020, pricing and detailed specs haven’t been included in the press release for the new Zeus configurations. For now, all we have are precious few images of the Zeus Cafe and Zeus Bobber to gawp at, but Curtiss fully expects to have Harley-Davidson quaking in its motorcycle boots in a head-to-head with the upcoming all-electric hog.

Source: Curtiss Motorcycles 

New battery and motor developments will power the Zeus Cafe variant from 0 – 60 mph in just 2.1 seconds(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

Pricing and detailed specs are still to be announced for the Curtiss Motorcycles Zeus Cafe all-electric moto(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

The Zeus Cafe electric motorcycle certainly has a look all its own(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

The Zeus Cafe doesn’t look like it’s going to be a particularly comfortable ride, but it sure will go(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

With a 0 – 60 mph times of 2.1 seconds, this is likely to be the view that most other road users will see of the Zeus Cafe(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

The Zeus Cafe from Curtiss Motorcycles is a strikingly futuristic machine(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

The Zeus Cafe will have an all electric range of 280 miles per charge(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

The Zeus Bobber’s 140 kW electric motor is good for 145 lb.ft of torque(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

A menacing scowl from the Curtiss Motorcycles Zeus Bobber(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

Curtiss is aiming to deliver 280 miles per charge with the Zeus Bobber(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)

The Zeus Bobber will sprint from 0 – 60 mph in just 2.1 seconds(Credit: Curtiss Motorcycles)