Arc Teases its Vector Electric Motorcycle, Complete with Haptic Jacket and HUD Helmet

Arc’s ambitious Vector – a high-performance electric motorcycle designed to work in concert with a HUD helmet and haptic jacket(Credit: Arc)

EICMA, probably the world’s premiere motorcycle expo, is thundering up on us, and one release we’re excited to check out will be Arc’s new Vector, an electric streetbike hailing from the UK that promises to launch with a heads-up display helmet and haptic feedback jacket.

Here’s what we know thus far: the Vector will be an expensive, low-volume, high-performance electric bike that’s conceived as an ecosystem, working in concert with its own high-tech riding gear.

In order to keep your eyes on the road, Arc claims the Vector will roll out with a HUD-enabled “Zenith” helmet “inspired by fighter pilot technology” – an ambitious undertaking to say the least, given that there’s at least a dozen companies out there who have been trying unsuccessfully to get a HUD helmet to market for many years now.

What’s more, riders will get their own haptic feedback “Origin” jackets, with multiple zones able to give buzzing tactile feedback to the rider on the go. That can, Arc claims, be used to augment mirrors as a threat detection system, which will communicate with the jacket and buzz against your back or shoulder to indicate the presence of other road users.

Or, it can be put into other modes, one of which will be “Euphoric mode,” which is designed to work with speakers in the helmet to let you feel the bass in the music you’re listening to, vibrating your body to simulate the effect massive woofers can create in a nightclub setting.

The sensory experience this machine provides, with its haptic amplifiers and HUD helmet, has never been done before,” explains Mark Truman, Arc’s founder and CEO, who describes himself as a “technology evangelist.” “People ask me if this could be distracting, but it is actually designed to be the total opposite. The tech frees you and your senses because the distractions have been removed. It allows you to concentrate on the road and your one-ness with the bike, to just enjoy the moment knowing the bike is looking out for you and the information you need is right in front of you.

We took a wide-angle view of what mobility in the future could be and using some big ideas and immense agility we have brought it into the present.

The company has only released the darkened image above, and won’t be giving out any details on power, performance, range, price – or indeed how many of these things they’re planning to build – until its EICMA debut.

But despite our doubts about this highly ambitious project, we’re on side with anyone who’s shooting for the stars, and the Vector certainly seems to be trying to push the motorcycle world a leap or two forward. We’ll be paying close attention when the curtain drops at EICMA on November 6.

Source: Arc Motorcycles