Passenger Boarding Bridge Collapses at Islamabad Airport


ISLAMABAD: In what could have been a deadly tragedy, a passenger boarding bridge collapsed at the Islamabad International Airport today, however no serious damage was reported.

According to reports, an unidentified man was injured after the aerobridge collapsed at the airport. It’s not clear whether the man injured in the accident was standing on the boarding bridge or was somewhere around it.

The new Islamabad airport was inaugurated on May 1 this year, after months of delay. The new airport is located 30km away from central Islamabad, and its construction work had started in April 2007.

The airport has a modular design which enables it to handle nine million passengers and 50,000 metric tons of cargo initially.

The “Y” shaped new airport spreads over 19 square kilometers with 15 jetties (passenger boarding bridges), including facilities to accommodate two double-deck A380, the world’s largest airplane, 15 remote bays and seven remote bays for small aircraft such as ATRs. It will be the biggest international airport in the country in terms of landing and passenger handling facilities. For the 15 bays, the same number of lounges have been built to avoid mixing of passengers. The new airport has two runways each 3.5 km long.

It has a passenger friendly terminal, two runways, three taxiways and a cargo apron which can accommodate large and small aircrafts.

simulation of the Time Attack Concept in action can be seen below.