FunAir Augments your Superyacht with inflatable Playthings


FunAir’s inflatable yacht accessories turn your leisure machine into a super leisure machine(Credit: FunAir)

Tired of lounging around on your yacht? Why not try lounging around just off your yacht? FunAir has built some new super-portable, inflatable beach loungers you can sit on a small floating platform or blow up on a beach, to go with your inflatable yacht slide and blow-up climbing wall.

The Twin Escape is a 3 x 3.5 metre (10 x 11.5 ft) floating platform with “sea stairs” so you can “elegantly step right out of the water and onto the relaxing Escape,” and a pair of blow-up lounge chairs. You can tie it to the yacht, or float it out in the shallows, and … lie around in the sun, I guess.

Here you’ve got yourself a Twin Escape. Perfect for escaping with twins.(Credit: FunAir)

You can go bigger and get yourself a “sea pool” to hang off the back of the yacht. This gives you more space to lie around on, as well as a netted-off bit of ocean to swim about in without worrying about getting nipped by whatever’s down there.

Then there’s the Wave Loungers. These are your basic high-end inflatable lounge chairs. They pack up fairly small, and weigh just 10kg (22 lbs), so your muscular servants can easily plonk a few down on whichever beach you pull up near, and inflate them within a few minutes to give you … yet another place to lie around.

Left: Daybed. Right: Wave Loungers.(Credit: FunAir)

And if you prefer to do your lying around in a more social fashion, there’s also a DayBed – a double width inflatable beach lounger with room for two. This one weighs 17kg (37 lbs).

Take a look for yourself, at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, where you’ll be presented with a veritable feast of options for all your lying around needs. And if you’re sick of lying around, or your kids are, you can always point them at the giant inflatable yacht slide or rockclimbing practice wall.

Source: FunAir

The Twin Escape also features a set of sea stairs for you to elegantly walk up on instead of flopping about like a beached fish(Credit: FunAir)

Relax in comfort and style with these fancy inflatable Wave Loungers(Credit: FunAir)

A small herd of Wave Loungers in their natural habitat(Credit: FunAir)