VIDEO: Plane Nosedives Before Landing in Shocking Footage


A passenger jet attempting to land at Tokyo airport during typhoon Cimaron briefly nosedived after it was caught in strong winds. The Boeing Dreamliner was coming in to land at Narita Airport when the nose of the giant plane suddenly dips forward until the pilot is able to maneuver the aircraft back up again.

The footage of the heart-stopping moment captures the terrifying landing attempt as the aircraft wobbles in the air and then aborts landing, according to reports.

Typhoon Cimaron battered the Japanese islands over the weekend, bringing winds of nearly 134 mph which made it difficult to fly any form of aircraft. Commercial airlines cancelled around 300 flights on Thursday and Friday, according to Daily Mail reports.

The typhoon left nearly 100,000 households without power, and both flights and train services in the region were temporarily cancelled. The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said 30 people had been injured while non-compulsory evacuation orders and advisories were at one point issued to more than one million people in western Japan.

Cimaron followed Typhoon Soulik, which passed through southern Japan earlier last week, bringing heavy rain to parts of the main southern island of Kyushu.