Someone Turned A Private Jet Into This Awesome Street Legal Limo

Friends, when you make your living in the exciting world of automotive journalism, you see all kinds of interesting creations. Between manufacturer concept cars, industry events like SEMA, and custom car shows like Autorama, we’ve seen just about everything on wheels. Then something like this comes along to remind us that we’re just specs of dust in the vast, creative universe. We’ve seen jet engines on cars, but we’ve never seen a jet turned into a car. Until now, that is. Say hello to the Limo-Jet.

After many, many, many years of blood sweat and tears we present to you the world's first and only only Lear Jet…

Posted by Limo-Jet on Friday, August 17, 2018

This bonkers build is owned by Illinois-based Jetsetter, Inc. and it just had its official debut a few days ago in Dallas at KnowledgeFest, a mobile electronics convention. We have requests out to the company for more info on this build but honestly, we couldn’t wait to share what we know so far. The idea was conceived back in 2006 by Dan Harris and Frank DeAngelo; obviously a fair chunk of time has transpired since then but the project was recently completed, and what else can we say? It’s a freaking Lear Jet that is completely street legal.

It looks to be far more than just that. The inside is packed to the gills with lights, speakers, screens, and enough seating for a wedding party. Up front is a single seat for the pilot driver, with a bank of screens that we’ll assume are used to help maneuver and see behind this lengthy land-based luxury liner. Everyone enters and exits through the single side door, and it looks straight-up freaking amazing.

Posted by Limo-Jet on Friday, August 17, 2018

Couple of teaser pictures coming your way…

Posted by Limo-Jet on Thursday, July 12, 2018

It’s not bad on the outside, either. It’s finished in a gorgeous red metallic, and the jet engine pods are fitted with lights to give them a proper glow at night. Since using actual jet engines for power would be a tad problematic on the street, motivation comes from a V8 engine of unspecified origin. We don’t know the overall dimensions (yet) but we’ll go out on a limb and say the wheelbase is long. Furthermore, we aren’t sure that rear wing would fit under the awning at Burger King, but you wouldn’t take this out for fast food anyway so who cares?

Big moment in Limo-Jet History…

Posted by Limo-Jet on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The company’s Facebook page has all kinds of posts and photos showing the build process for this amazing machine. We have messages out to Jetsetters, Inc. for more info and we’ll be sure to update when more info is available.

Source: Jetsetter Logistics & Marketing, Limo-Jet via Facebook