Knaus puts some sports car aggression into two new concept camper vans


Knaus Tabbert sibling brands Weinsberg and Knaus show some sporty camper van concepts – the Weinsberg CUVolution is on the left, and the Knaus CUVision on the right

A year ago, Knaus Tabbert introduced a new kind of CUV, the “caravanning utility vehicle.” Try as it might, it won’t be convincing anyone outside the company that “CUV” is anything more than a cutesy marketing term for a camper van. But inside the company, that term is inspiring some innovative thinking. Knaus will show the latest fruits of that thinking at the 2018 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, fruits that will include two all-new concept vans that show the path for a sportier, more aggressive future. Knaus takes camper vans full-on “fast and furious.”

Automakers are continually adding sportiness to their own CUV (crossover utility vehicle) lineups with genre-bending products and concepts like the Jaguar I-Pace and Buick Enspire. With the two new concepts, Knaus Tabbert does much the same with its own variation of “CUV.”

We like the look of the MAN TGE van for a camper, and Knaus brings it to life a little more with a dual-color paint job, front spoiler and more

Of course, Knaus’ job is much more difficult, since its entire business relies upon having a big, boxy van cabin from which to create a living area. So there’s no turning the base van into a two-door or running the roofline down to the rear bumper – it’s still just a big, boxy van. But with the Weinsberg CUVolution and Knaus CUVision, Knaus Tabbert still manages to show a meaner, sportier side of the camper van.

That’s some serious cosmetic and aero work

Easily the most flamboyant camper van we can recall seeing, the Weinsberg CUVolution has been drenched in bright orange “liquid chrome” paint and accented all around with matte anthracite trim that resembles carbon fiber. It wears some major “Weinsberg” badges on the huge side skirts that transition into a beefy rear diffuser. Up above, the CUVolution manages airflow with its big roof spoiler, and up front it breathes through enlarged intakes.

Are van lifers looking for a camper van dressed up like a track car? Doubtful. But Düsseldorf attendees are certain to be drawn into the Knaus Tabbert experience, if only to sate their curiosity.

And why stop at just one van, when you can pimp out two? Especially if you’re a large RV conglomerate with two camper van brands?

Knaus CUVolution concept camper van

The CUVision that will appear alongside the CUVolution follows the recently introduced Van Ti Plus in Knaus’ newfound working interest in MAN TGE vans. This particular TGE gets some tuner-level sportiness by way of its low-set bodywork, front spoiler, and gray and blue color scheme with chrome side accenting. The 22-in Borbet rims add an extra hint of flash.

We’re not sure that either the CUVision or CUVolution is up to the task of racing down a Porsche-powered VW Transporter camper van – Knaus Tabbert isn’t an actual tuning shop, so we doubt there’s any horsepower bump to go along with the racy looks. Still, these vans look like they’d have a better shot than virtually any other Class B motorhome out there.

The Weinsberg CUVolution is even more extreme, with its roof spoiler, side skirts and bright orange paint

Knaus Tabbet didn’t share any photos or details about the CUV concept interiors with its announcement, so we’re not sure if it has any plans to slide open the doors in Düsseldorf, or if the vans will just be flashy show cars without any accompanying interior work. We’re certainly going to be tugging on the door handles to see if we can find out what’s lurking inside.

Knaus Tabbert will also highlight the details of its evolving production “CUV” vans, showing the updated 2019 Knaus Boxdrive and Boxstar and the 2019 Weinsberg CaraTour and CaraBus. Innovations in these 2019 vans will be much more subtle than on the concepts, but more useful for the goal of living on the road. These include a new sandwich construction that increases interior standing height and improves insulation and sidewall-integrated 105-liter water tanks for further space savings.

We’ll bring you a closer look at the most interesting of Knaus Tabbert group camper vans, large motorhomes and caravans when we head to Düsseldorf next week.

Source: Knaus Tabbert