Rezvani Tank Military Edition: The only SUV with a Smoke Screen Button


The Rezvani Tank Military Edition is 300 grand’s worth of street-legal badass(Credit: Rezvani)

Anyone who felt Rezvani’s original Tank XUV (eXtreme Utility Vehicle) was a touch underdone can now stump up US$295,000 or more for a Military Edition, complete with bulletproof armor, thermal and night vision systems, a smoke bomb button and a 707-hp (527-kW) Hellcat engine.

 Rezvani Tank Military Edition: that back end is not for the shy(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: takes the original Tank to new levels(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: run-flat tires might not stand up to a grenade, but the underside of the car will(Credit: Rezvani)

California’s Rezvani likes to talk big, then deliver. You don’t, for example, call your first sports car the Alpha Beast and then deliver something that blends in with the pack. The original Rezvani Tank was a re-skinned Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with a new engine and a pair of coach-style doors on each side to go with a uniquely future-tough design.

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: strobe lights and blinders(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: very American(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: comes with gas masks, hypothermia kit and a first aid kit(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: optional luxury leather seats(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: interior(Credit: Rezvani)

And now there’s a Military Edition. While you can specify this thing with the same 500-hp (373-kW) engine as the regular Tank, there’s now also the option of moving up to the 707-horsepower, supercharged 6.4 liter V8 from the Dodge Hellcat.

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: full body armor, bulletproof glass and underbody explosion protection(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: rear blinding lights and smoke screen(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: mil-spec run-flat tires(Credit: Rezvani)

The exterior is painted in US Army Desert Sand, with a matt finish. It’s also upgraded with assault rifle-proof ballistic body armor, bulletproof glass and enough underside protection to eat up an IED blast. Continuing that theme, there’s mil-spec run-flat tires, a protective wrap on the fuel tank, and extra protection around the radiator, too.

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: deadbolted doors(Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: optional step-up convenience kit(Credit: Rezvani)

The protection extends, in a sense, to the occupants, with a built-in first aid kit, a hypothermia kit and a set of gas masks.

Further fun arrives with the Military Edition’s ram bumpers. Then there’s its electrified door handles – those’ll keep the neighbor’s kids away – not to mention strobe lights and blinding lights, front and rear, to help deal with pursuers, as well as horn, siren and loudspeaker systems to make your presence very well known.

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: that’s not a real grenade(Credit: Rezvani)

Need six inches of lift and a Dynatrack ProRock axle set? Go for the off-road package. Need a touch of luxury? That’ll be the leather package, with its 10 seat styles and suede headliners. Or there’s the convenience package, adding automatically opening/closing side steps to help you get in and out.

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: blinding lights, sirens and PA loudspeakers(Credit: Rezvani)

Some clown riding your rear bumper in traffic? Hit the smoke screen button, and anyone behind you will be blinded in a thick fog. And there’s thermal IR vision and standard night vision built into the front of the car for … well, whatever you might want to use that for, Action Jackson.

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: integrated FLIR/night vision camera (Credit: Rezvani)

Rezvani Tank Military Edition: US$295,000 and upward(Credit: Rezvani)

These things are street legal, and their 4,300-lb (1,950-kg) weight really isn’t too bad considering that they’re stuffed to the gills with Rambo-grade badass. Even the US$295,000 starting price tag is less than we’d have expected.

Throw down a 10 grand deposit and these guys will have your armored chariot ready in three months’ time. Check out a video below.

Source: Rezvani