AKKA’s Flying Train Detaches its Wings to Drop Passengers off at Local Stations


AKKA technologies’ ‘link & fly’ aircraft design could soon let planes drop off its passengers at local stations. the concept envisions a modular craft that relies on a passenger pod and detachable wings to speed up the boarding process, and make it easier than ever to get to and from the airport.

images courtesy of AKKA technologies

the idea is that you head to your local train station to board the train-like tube which takes you straight to the airport. the pod then moves onto the runway where a cockpit and wings are attached to the passenger train before taking off. upon landing, the train/fuselage detaches from the wings and rolls out of the airport to local train stations to drop you at a convenient location.

the link and fly aircraft comprises a 162-seat plane with an option for cargo delivery that can hold a maximum payload of 21,000kg. engines are mounted on a large delta-shaped wing with a span of about 49 meters. the craft is envisioned with a range of 2,200 km, a cruise speed of mach 0.78, and a maximum cruise altitude of 39,800 ft.

AKKA‘s aircraft concept is an ambitious project as it would require the entire indsutry of air travel to change in order to accomodate the transportation of an aircraft from a local train station. however, according to an interview with bloomberg, CEO of AKKA technologies, maurice ricci, has had a chance to pitch the flying train concept to boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company. the company’s 3D mock-up video, should help in gathering interest from other potential customers.

planes need to become more efficient, less polluting, and less noisy,’ ricci told bloomberg.our role is to point our customers to technologies of the future.’