Saroléa’s Fascinating, Road-Going Manx7 Electric Superbike


considered as the first step in building the DNA of the belgian brand saroléa, the new MANX7 electric motorbike is simple and beautiful with its stance, proportions, and materials, exposing the verticality of the inner architecture. the superfluous has been eliminated, reducing the design to its basics in order to reveal the purest and most absolute form. the use of sharp design cues and details permit and define signature elements that give the bike its unique identity.

all images © rob mitchell

Saroléa’s obsession about reducing mass gives the MANX7 a level of agility and precision that defines its character. the core of the bike is a carbon fiber monocoque chassis made by hand — a combination of materials and techniques results in a lightweight, super strong and rigid chassis. for low total weight and optimum safety, the swingarm is also handcrafted from lightweight carbon fiber. due to this configuration and the nature of the fully pressed structure, the MANX7 has an ideal 50% front and 50% rear weight distribution, which gives it great handling and makes it easy to ride. unusually for an electric bike, the weight is a more than reasonable 217 kg, including a 22kWh battery pack.

saroléa’s engineering team, with the knowledge spread over different specialized fields of applied sciences and racing, handle all research and development tasks with a huge level of effectiveness and output quality. saroléa’s advanced electric drivetrain delivers exhilarating performance. unlike an internal combustion engine, with hundreds of moving parts, saroléa electric motors have only one moving piece – the rotor.

the saroléa air-cooled brushless DC motor puts out 120 KW and delivers 450Nm at the crank — as a result, the MANX7 has smooth, silent and instantaneous acceleration. twist the throttle and, in as little as 2.8 seconds, it can reach 100 kph, without any lag.

the saroléa battery pack is a li-ion 400v energy-dense battery system for high-performance vehicles and is available in three capacities: 14kWh (230km range), 18kWh (280km range), 22kWh (330km range).  the pack can be easily removed and upgraded which makes your MANX7 perform better but is also future-ready and timeless. the bike has DC quick charge capabilities compatible with automotive standards allowing the bike to charge from 0 to 80% in 25 minutes.

Source: Saroléa