TMC Dumont Sits 36-inch Hubless Rims Either Side of a Roaring Aircraft Engine


The TMC Dumont’s 36-inch rims make it look like a rolling pair of spectacles –and a spectacle it certainly is

Impractical? Sure! Vulgar? Most certainly. Unique? In every sense. This staggering custom motorcycle uses the biggest pair of hubless wheels we’ve ever seen, as well as placing the rider astride a snarling, 300-horsepower Rolls-Royce aircraft engine. Live in fear – of corners, if nothing else.

One of the most outrageous custom motorcycles in recent years: the TMC Dumont(Credit: Tarso Marques)

The TMC Dumont is the work of Brazilian ex-Formula One driver and champion motorcycle custom builder Tarso Marques. Its name is a tip of the hat to Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, who Brazilians believe got an airplane aloft before America’s Wright Brothers.

TMC Dumont: does not look practical, but who cares?

Hence the aircraft engine – a monstrous Continental V6 from the Rolls-Royce aircraft company that was lifted from a 60’s-era aircraft and polished within an inch of its life.

Three hundred horsepower (224 kW) is a heck of a lot for a motorcycle, and it’s even madder when you look at the bike’s signature feature: gargantuan, hubless 36-inch wheels that sit high enough to block the rider’s view, and connect to underslung swingarms by the flimsiest of connections.

TMC Dumont: 300-horsepower Rolls Royce aircraft engine makes a heck of a racket

TMC Dumont: the work of Brazilian former F1 driver Tarso Marques(Credit: Tarso Marques)

Here’s a video of this bizarre contraption on the road, in which you can watch the rims flex and wobble at a standstill, without any of those 300 horses wreaking vengeance upon them:

And if you’d like to watch a time-lapse video of the build, check out the video below!

Source: TMC