Video: Ride Along with Roborace’s Autonomous Race Car at Goodwood


The Roborace Robocar has become the first autonomous race car to complete the hill climb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed(Credit: Roborace)

at the 25th anniversary of the 2018 festival of speed, robocar has officially become the first ever fully autonomous race car with no safety driver to completed the hillclimb at goodwood. using artificial intelligence and electricity, the race car successfully navigated the ‘notoriously challenging‘ 1.16-mile course, conquering the tight turns, blind corners and straits with ease. designboom has been following roborace since it’s early stages of development, catch up ‘here‘.

The Robocar completed its first official autonomous hill climb at Goodwood on July 13, 2018(Credit: Roborace)

in partnership with ARRIVAL, an automotive technology company, roborace was able to develop the automated driving system for the goodwood event.

the deputy CEO of roborace, rod chang, has stated that he believes the race car can be ‘an ambassador for the future technologies we will see on our roads.‘

robocar had to rely on lidars, cameras and other sensors to learn in order to navigate the course
all videos courtesy of robocar youtube

click the compass at the top left of the video to navigate a 360 degree view of robocar completing the course

Source: Roborace