Look inside Kazuyo Sejima’s Mirrored Japanese Commuter Train


kazuyo sejima‘s design for a mirrored japanese commuter train will feature a relaxing, living room-like atmosphere with a soft yellow color scheme and large windows. the architect who was commissioned by the seibu group to design a train for the company’s 100th anniversary, has reimagined both the exterior and interior of the company’s red arrow commuter train.

images courtesy of seibu railway / sanaa

kazuyo sejima – of japanese firm SANAA – has chosen a semi-transparent mirrored surfaced for the trains outer-shell, to help it blend in with the surrounding landscape. large format three-dimensional curved glass is used for the car front and loose curves for the cross sections, giving the entire train a soft and gentle look.

simple interiors make up the passengers cabins with large windows and bright white walls, lined with a yellow keynote color scheme seating which is meant to offer a feeling of relaxation and security. the seats feature a sofa-like design that wraps around the body, mostly at the base, to give passengers a sense of privacy whilst not diminishing the shared experience.

indirect lighting from simple vaulted ceilings provides a soft illumination whilst auxiliary lighting is placed in the luggage shelves to aid in activities such as reading. sejima collaborated with textile designer yoko ando on the textiles and lighting designer shozo toyohisa on the lighting design. the train, which will comprise 56 cars (8 trains consisting of 7 cars each) is scheduled to start operations later this year.