JetBlue plane after a wrong code was used over the radio which mistakenly said the plane was being HIJACKED


When the pilot tried reporting his faulty radio, he allegedly sent an emergency code used to report hijackings.

A statement read: “JetBlue 1623, an Airbus A320, experienced a radio equipment problem while taxing for departure at John F. Kennedy International Airport tonight at 8 pm.

“The crew requested to return to the ramp. The FAA will investigate.”

Authorities said the plane was inspected and cleared with no security threat.

Passengers tweeted photos from inside the plane saying they were told to put their hands in the air by armed guards.

ARMED police surrounded a plane on the tarmac at New York’s JFK airport after a pilot accidentally called in a hijack alert.

Police approached the JetBlue aircraft after the pilot reported a faulty radio but used the wrong emergency code, according to the New York Post.

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Passenger Alexa Curtis shared pics of the moment travellers were ordered to put their hands in the air

Terrified passengers put their hands in the air as police approached, and some shared dramatic pics on social media.

Port Authority police approached flight 1623 to prevent it getting near to the terminal, according to local media.

A source told the New York Daily News that the pilot held up a piece of paper with his phone number written on it so cops could call him to find out what had happened.

FBI agents and officers from the Department of Homeland Security were also at the scene at around 8pm.

The flight, which was bound for Los Angeles’ LAX airport, left the gate at 7.30pm but never made it to take off.

Port Authority cops and firefighters feared a hijacking after there was no response from the pilot’s radio.

Footage shows armed cops walking through the cabin after the false alarm

Some passengers said they feared for their lives when the gun-wielding officers entered the plane

Cops surrounded a JetBlue plane at JFK after it stopped communicating with air traffic control

Alexa Curtis posted: “Woah. My worst nightmare. JFK to LAX right now, honestly thought we were going to die.”

She later revealed hundreds of passengers were ordered back to the terminal to request new flights, where they were given free water and cookies.

Another passenger, Tony Schwartz tweeted: “I am on a Jet Blue flight at JFK that lost its communications.

“Created a security crisis. 10 heavily armed cops boarded plane and just left. After 1.5 hours on runway being towed back to gate. Wow.”

A JetBlue spokeswoman called the incident a “false alarm” in a statement.