ex-BMW Designer Creates Pedal-Powered Trimaran for Cyclists to Bike on Water


red shark bikes have unveiled a series of trimarans allowing cyclists to take on aquatic surfaces like rivers, lakes and seas. CEO and industrial designer josep rubau is the person behind the invention, who has previously designed cars for volkswagen as well as the tramontana supercar.

A trimaran is a multihull boat made up of a main hull and two smaller hulls attached to the main with lateral beams. These ones are pedal-powered

Red Shark‘s three models include adventure (for the athlete looking to improve performance), fun and sport (targeting people who love expeditions or discovering new places) with the first two made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). the adventure adds frame-mounted packs and a waterproof storage trunk as well as thicker plastic reinforcing the underside of its three hulls. the sport is constructed almost entirely of lightweight carbon fiber.

Red Shark Bikes, led by CEO Josep Rubau, has launched three versions of the Red Shark trimaran – Fun, Adventure and Sport

all three models boast a foldable design, retractable rudder, salt water-proof drive shaft and stainless steel nuts and bolts. the fun is at the lower end of the price range costing from €4,995 (around US$5,783) whilst the adventure is priced up to €6,995 ($8,098) and the sport comes in a little higher at €9,995 ($11,570).