The D-Mask Gives Deep Sea Diving A Digital Evolution


chinese designer ZJ-DDG has dreamed up a snorkling concept, offering an alternative to the outdated products that have dominated the market for so long. the d-mask aims to transform the marine tourism industry with a few futuristically techy additions  which of course includes an partnering app.

doing away with the traditional mask starts with the conventional shape of the goggles. ZJ-DDG has designed the mask to cover the entire face allowing wearers to enjoy a 180-degree field of view. the large lens is perfect for the built in display to project measurables including depth, water pressure and weather status.

the d-mask can be used for snorkelling or combined with an oxygen mask for scuba diving. wearers just need to set the coordinates before diving, which are recorded in the device to solve the problem of getting lost.

the device also has a lighting function to help divers view under water during bad weather as well as offer a helpful option for SOS. other features include bone-conducting audio for two-way communications as well as listening to music. when good scenery is found under water, divers can start camera mode to take a picture. finally, an APP can be downloaded to set playlists or export data.